SONICA TRENDMATIC 9 Ultrasonic Automatic Multifunction System



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Data sheet

Height510 mm
Width405 mm
Depth540 mm
Tank height150 mm
Tank width300 mm
Tank depth240 mm
Capacity9 L
Frequency40 KHz
Average input power1600 W
Power during heating1600 W
Peak ultrasonic power180 W
Drain19 mm, automatic with accelerating pump

More info

The multifunction equipment SONICA TRENDMATIC has been designed to carry out a complete cycle of washing by means of ultrasounds and a proper detergent, several rinses with running water (treated properly with a softener if the hardness values are not compatible with the use of the equipment) and drying with thermal cycle at 85°C or 93°C. for instruments used in the medical, dental, beauty and veterinary fields.

  1. Filling and washing
    The system fills the tank with clean water and automatically measures the detergent. The internal heating device in the tank heats it to the desired temperature and starts the ultrasonic cleaning
  2. Discharge
    At the end of the ultrasound washing phase, the system discharges the water in less than a minute through a pump.
  3. Automatic multiple rinses with vigorous water movement
    An incredible innovation patented by SOLTEC. The TRENDMATIC applies between 1 to 5 rinses with clean water, eliminating every possible detergent residue from the surface of the surgical instruments.
  4. Thermo Dry (Thermodisinfection for TRENDMATIC TD)
    Thermostatic bath and the final ventilation permits the elimination of humidity in the washing tank and the cooling of the instruments at the end of the cycle

SONICA TRENDMATIC brings about important advantages with respect to the traditional systems present in today's market.

  • It is completely AUTOMATIC.
  • It cleans
  • Decontaminates
  • Rinses
  • Thermo Disinfects
  • Dries the surgical instruments
  • All in one appliance


All the phases are carried out with clean water – avoiding every possible risk of contamination.
It rigorously respects all the phases foreseen by the protocol of treating surgical instruments before sterilization.
It reduces professional risk during the handling of the infected instruments.
The insertion of a password determined by a person responsible for health services, avoids access to the set up functions.


It guarantees superior results thanks to the ultrasound and to the “sweep system technology”.
Moreover, after only two rinses, the anionic surfactants residues are less than the analytical quantitative traceable limit.

SONICA TRENDMATIC It is economical

It reduces the time and overall working costs.
For each washing cycle, only 60 ml of detergent is used.

SONICA TRENDMATIC – The innovative Ultrasound System with Thermal Disinfection cycle.
Now completely automatic.