Rights of the persons concerned regarding the Privacy Policy that Solect guarantees in accordance with European Regulation 679/16 of the European Parliament and the European Council dated April 27th 2016 (c.d. GDPR).

All the personal data that Soltec collects only by virtue of its activity are kept in such a form that allows the identification of the persons concerned for a period of time not longer than what is required to reach the purpose for which they are collected (art. 5, letter e, GDPR). This period of time can not be determined a priori/beforehand  but it can not be less than 10 years (in accordance with article 2946 c.c. concerning  ordinary prescription).

In accordance with article 17 GDPR, the data controller guarantees the persons concerned the cancellation of all personal data when not necessary for the purposes it has been collected. Personal data has to be kept and can not be cancelled for a period of 10 years.

Moreover, in compliance with article 16 GDPR and the right to limit the use of collected personal data, the person concerned has the right to have his/her own personal data corrected if it is not accurate.

The person concerned has the right to fill a complaint against the decisions taken by the data controller regarding one's personal data at the Data Protection Supervisor, piazza Monte Citorio, 121, 00186, Roma.

The data controller is Soltec s.r.l, with registered office in Via Roentgen, 16, Milano. Every request or communication shall be sent to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Stefano Guidi, via Roentgen, 16, 20136 Milano, Phone N:  02/58308379 – Fax:  0258308595,    e-mail address: privacy@soltec.it. An updated list containing all the people in charge of the personal data appointed by the data controller can be requested by using above mentioned contacts.